Every organization has its own priorities and requirements when it comes to selecting a manufacturing partner. At Hosley Sports, we believe that our strengths align with your needs, offering several advantages:

  • Quality: Attention to detail is paramount in producing high-quality products. Hosley Sports understands that it’s the small details done right that set our products apart from the competition.

  • Reliability: We recognize that you may not have the time or resources to deal with issues. With Hosley Sports, you can rely on a dedicated team that provides dependable service, performance, and responsiveness.

  • Security: Our substantial investments in building a state-of-the-art security platform ensure compliance with regulations, robust online connectivity, top-level encryption, and comprehensive physical, information, and platform security.

  • Cost Management: With Hosley Sports World®, you can trust that we will meet your needs and deliver contracted services at a fair price. Our vertical integration allows us to produce our own high-quality fabric, such as Maxtex® and Airdura®, resulting in reasonable prices for our customers.

  • Advanced Technology: As a manufacturer for leading sports and motorcycling brands, Hosley Sports leverages continuous research and development and state-of-the-art in-house production practices.

  • Best Practices: Being a prominent manufacturing provider worldwide, we can share ideas, best practices, and solutions from the finest manufacturing operations globally, enabling you to better tackle challenges and solve problems.

  • Innovation: We can help you envision market changes and identify opportunities for growth in this dynamic environment. We possess insights into achieving tomorrow’s goals today.

  • Research & Development: Our work goes beyond mere innovation, involving the exploration of new products and technologies with the aim of creating added value. Research and development at Hosley Sports is intertwined with marketing, cost management, and overall business strategy.

  • Design Solution: With an in-house team of graphic designers, we collaborate closely with clients and designers to create unique and standout products.

  • Design Consultancy: At Hosley Sports World ®, we have the advantage of having both in-house graphic and fashion designers. We offer complimentary consultancy to our clients, ensuring that their problems become our problems, and we work together to find solutions.

We hope that Hosley Sports strengths in quality, reliability, security, cost management, advanced technology, best practices, innovation, research and development, design solutions, and design consultancy resonate with your organization’s requirements for a manufacturing partner.